Downwind guided tours and clinics in Hood River, OR.

Stoke on the Water
Downwind Guided SUP Tours & Clinics
Hood River, OR

The smoke, or rather "Stoke" on the water, refers to what you see on a nuking downwind run when the wind knocks the tops of the bumps and creates the illusion that the water is smoking!

When this happens while you are out catching glides, it is an image you can never forget!

Downwinding can be very addictive! Once you understand the concept, it is nearly impossible to stop yourself from getting hooked. However, it requires much more than brute force to be successful. It requires respect of the water and understanding of the immense energy behind this amazing playground, the Columbia River Gorge. Downwinding is not something you should do by “Winging it” or “Just Going for it”

Our goal is to Demystify downwinding, help you unlock your skills, and help you build your relationship with the water. We are here to help you build your skills so that you feel in sync with the energy of the surrounding environment, your gear, your paddling rhythm, and the intense rush of being in the moment gliding on the water.